Our proposition

At Phinion, we help Enterprises with improving their operations by providing data engineering solutions. We enable them to improve their daily planning & scheduling activities and long term decision making.

We offer integrated software and hardware solutions, which are designed to the specific needs of our customers. Together with them, we design, develop and implement turn-key solutions. We provide the necessary after delivery technical support and trouble shooting.

The improved operational information enables our customer to improve the quality of their services and achieve cost reductions by increased efficiency. We are usually able to provide solutions with a payback period of less than a year.


Our expertise

We have the IT and mathematical expertise necessary to collect, organize, analyze and utilize data and information. We have the required knowledge and know-how in the fields of data mining, big data solutions, machine learning, statistical analysis, software architecture, server solutions, database systems and web and cloud systems.

We have the expertise to build practical and easy-to-use solutions within a reasonable time scope. We use both existing software in the fields of statistical analysis, machine learning and data management as specialized, custom developed modules. This way we are able to guarantee a reliable and robust final result.


Our Solutions

We offer our customers four types of functions in our solutions:

  1. Collect: The equipment to measure data and the software to extract data from existing IT systems.
  2. Organize: The server and database solutions to store data, structure it in the necessary formats and make it accessible locally or through web interfaces.
  3. Analyze: Software to perform statistical analysis, data mining and machine learning to find patterns in the data and create business information.
  4. Utilize: User interfaces and technical interfaces to feed back the information to users and other hardware and software systems.