About Phinion

About Phinion

We are a small company which helps organizations to improve their operations using data engineering solutions. The solutions allow customers to collect, organize, analyze and finally utilize data to improve their processes.

We create integrated software and hardware solutions according to custom client specifications. These solutions are delivered operational and turn-key. Furthermore, we provide the required support and maintenance.

Our expertise lies in the diverse required field to realize these solutions: statistics & machine learning, software architecture, database systems, computer hardware technology and measure & control systems.

Our focus

We focus our services on data engineering, especially applications for operations such as production, logistics, transportation, but also administrative and supporting processes such as customer support and service.

We distinguish ourselves by our broad technical competences. This allows us to develop custom built solutions and deliver them operationally:

  • We distinguish ourselves from specialists in the fields of statistics & machine learning, software architecture, database systems, computer hardware technology and measure & control systems by being able to combine these fields into integrated solutions.
  • We distinguish ourselves from System Integrators by our focus on sole data engineering, the small scale and focus of projects we do and our excellent price positioning towards these parties.

This makes us interesting for two markets:

  • Small and medium enterprises with a generic and broad need in data engineering solutions.
  • Larger enterprises with a specific data engineering need, requiring integration in their current IT environment.

Our solutions

We believe a good IT environment fits the structure, diversity and dynamics of organizations. This is why we don’t believe singular, centralistic, one-size-fits-all systems to be effective. We believe a mosaic of smaller, interconnected systems with focused functions is a better fit to the specific needs and developments of organizations.

In line with this philosophy, we develop specific solutions and integrate these within the existing IT environment. We realize custom solutions which are interoperable with other software and hardware solutions. We built our solutions using standardized modules in order to assure quality and control development costs.

Our approach

We believe in an incremental approach. Good solutions are realized in small steps, each resulting in a functional and valuable product for the customer.

We closely cooperate with our customers during projects in order to gain a deep understanding of their actual needs and to realize a mutual trust relationship.

This is why we work according to the SCRUM methodology. This is an agile project management approach which focuses on short sprint with fast and visible results and close cooperation with the customer. This allows us to create tangible, accessible and valuable solutions for our customer.

Our values

  • Inventiveness and intelligence: We believe it is important to be imaginative to find creative solutions for existing problems.
  • Elegance and quality: We believe in developing fundamental solutions which are simple and accessible.
  • Integrity and honesty: We believe sustainable improvements in operations can only be achieved by being a reliable partner to our customers.

Our People



Dick Kruithof

Founder and Software Architect

Dick has a broad experience in computer programming and robotics. He has a background in electrical engineering and he has led many projects in the field of database applications and intelligent control of robotics. He is and expert in the fields of software design, measure & control systems, IT hardware, database systems, operating systems and programming languages.

Tel: +31 6 47214713
Mail: dkruithof@phinion.com



Laurens van der Drift

Founder and Modeling Expert

Laurens has a broad experience in simulation models and statistical models. He has a background in industrial engineering and operations management. He has led many projects in the field of supply chain management, workforce optimization and transportation planning. He is an expert in the fields of applied statistics, mathematics and simulation modeling.

Tel: +31 6 14801970
Mail: lvanderdrift@phinion.com


Visiting address:

Van Nelleweg 1
3044 BC Rotterdam
Tel: +31 6 14801970

Post adress:

Postbus 13326
3004 HH Rotterdam